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Does Faith Have You Living Risky

Let me talk about this shirt for a minute. I almost didn’t put this out with the Unapologetic Urban Gear brand, I was going to wait to drop it on the Nspire brand because I felt it was more of a Entrepreneurial tee. 

Honestly, I didn’t know if people would catch the heart behind the tee. This tee went crazy last year and has now become a staple on the Unapologetic Urban Gear brand. The tee sold out at every conference that we attended last year and continues to do so. 

This tee is my life, I have been taking risk since I left my job and even before then. Faith is right now, its present and its continual. I am so happy that people caught the vision. It turns out that a lot of God’s people is putting it all on the line for what they called them to do. 

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