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Marietta GA 30067

We Got Our First Cargo Van

This Day was a day to remember, This was a great throw back Thursday memory. We were growing and we needed a truck but it wasn't really in the budget at the time but it was a necessity. My wife and I were actually out shopping for a car for her I and came across the Ford Transit. I decided to sit in it and I fell in love. I was a 4 cylinder, great on mileage, tall enough to fit a lot of storage but still fit in garages.

As soon as we purchased this van, we had the opportunity to sponsor NF's "Therapy Session" tour feat Social Club Misfits. We had an awesome time following the tour bus in the Unapologetic Urban Gear van as we went around from city to city meeting new people and building relationships.  It felt like soon as we took this leap of faith, opportunities were opened to us. 

"Therapy Session" topped the iTunes hip-hop chart and reached the overall top 10. The album also eventually debuted at number 12 on the Billboard 200.NF and Marty also shot a video for the "Grindin" single while we were on tour. Check out the video below, you will see a glimpse of the Unapologetic Urban Gear van in the background. 


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